The Amtrak Empire Builder - Three Days Crossing Big Sky Country!

Published on Aug. 27, 2017

Special thanks to my $5+ Patrons: Christoph H Henry Bollington Ally Mullins Henry Bollington Nathan Rubenstein Abby Fitzpatrick Neil Smith Join them on PATREON and support me: Follow me on Snapchat: pauls_trips ¦ Follow me on Twitter: @pauls_trips ¦ Follow me on Instagram: paulstripreports ¦ Thanks for finding my video and pressing play! This week's video is a real treat, and one I know lots of you have been waiting a very long time for. I have lots of subscribers who came to my channel through other train trip videos I've done - and you've been patient. Hopefully, this 30 minute bumper trip report (the longest I've ever done) will quench your appetite for epic train journeys. This is a quintessentially American experience and is the ONLY way you should consider going across Big Sky Country - if you have three days to spare, that is. The Amtrak Empire Builder. Where to start? Well, here's the official route guide:,0.pdf And here's a great description of the route from Wikipedia: The train passes through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. It makes service stops in Spokane, Washington, Havre, Montana, Minot, North Dakota, and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Its other major stops include Vancouver, Washington, Whitefish, Montana, Fargo, North Dakota, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It uses BNSF Railway's northern route from Seattle to Minneapolis, Minnesota Commercial from Minneapolis to St. Paul, Canadian Pacific from St. Paul to Glenview, and Metra from Glenview to Chicago. From Seattle, the northern segment uses the Cascade Tunnel and Stevens Pass as it traverses the Cascade Range to reach Spokane, while the southern segment departs Portland and runs along the north side of the Columbia River Gorge. The eastbound cars merge into one train at Spokane. The train continues into the mountains in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Amtrak organizes the schedule so the train will pass through the Rocky Mountains (and Glacier National Park) during daylight, but this is more likely on the eastbound train during summer. Passengers can see sweeping views as the train skirts the southern edge of the park, crossing the Continental Divide at Marias Pass. After three short stops near Glacier National Park— Whitefish, Montana, West Glacier, Essex (a flag stop), and either East Glacier in the summer or Browning in the winter, the train enters the Northern Plains of eastern Montana and North Dakota. The land changes from prairie to forest as it travels through Minnesota. From Saint Paul Union Depot, the train crosses the Mississippi River at Hastings, Minnesotaand passes through southeastern Minnesota cities on or near Lake Pepin before crossing the Mississippi again at La Crosse, Wisconsin. It passes through rural southern Wisconsin, turns south at Milwaukee, and ends at Chicago Union Station. I really hope the video speaks for itself. Enjoy the report. Do you have any ideas for future trip reports? Something you've never seen on YouTube before? Why not suggest it to me in the comments? I read every single one! 👍🏻 Enjoy the video, and thanks for watching. If you subscribe, then thanks for being part of the channel! BA FIRST CLASS TO HOUSTON: SLEEPER TRAIN?: #paulstripreports #vlog #review #trains #travel #railfan Music courtesy of Lakey Inspired ***DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!***