The Adventures Of Tartu - A World War 2 Espionage Thriller (1945 - Restored)

Published on Feb. 1, 2017
Channel: Zenoswarbirds
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Tartu is a classic "Film Noir" feature length World War 2 espionage movie. In1940, bomb disposal expert Capt. Terrence Stevenson (Robert Donat), an Englishman born in Romania and educated in Germany, is called to the Foreign Office n London. He speaks both Romanian and German fluently. He's assigned an undercover mission disguised as a Romanian chemical engineer "Jan Tartu" to destroy a poison gas factory in Czechoslovakia. After parachuting into Romania, Tartu, dressed as a dandy, pretends to be sympathetic to Germany and wanted by Romania. In Czechoslovakia, Tartu goes to the shop of his contact, a shoemaker who is immediately arrested by the Gestapo.Tartu escapes wearing a German uniform and pursues his mission in dramatic and unexpected ways. (You'll have to watch the film to learn his fate.) A real captured German Ju88 bomber makes a cameo appearance and of course, there's a beautiful femme fatale. Zeno Zeno's Warbird Videos Zeno's Flight Shop DVD Store – Worlds Largest Collection of WW2 Videos