The Acid Base Chemistry Class 10 Science Ssc Maharashtra Board

Published on Aug. 19, 2016
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SSC Science Class 10 Maharashtra State Board Chapter 3 The Acid Base Chemistry Part 2 Strength of Acids and Bases. Buy full course DVD/PenDrive: Topics covered in this 10th Science video are as follows :- 1) pH Scale - pH Value - Acid, Base, Neutral 2) pH Paper 3) Importance of pH in and around you - pH of Rain Water pH of Mouth Acidity This video will guide you to get clear solution on your question. You must watch our all videos on Class 10 State board Science (SSC) and other subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Geography, History, Political Science, Economics of class X to score extra marks in your SSC board exam. LearnFatafat has mission to save class 10 students time so that they can focus on their all round development, hobbies and interests. This video is also useful for general study purpose for all competitive exams, cbse, ncert , state board, ssc and students who want to study other than syllabus. You can also watch our all 10th Science videos on Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Science Syllabus - Chapter 1 School of Elements Chapter 2 The Magic of Chemical Reactions Chapter 3 The Acid Base Chemistry Chapter 4 The Electric Spark Chapter 5 All About Electromagnetism Chapter 6 Wonders of Light Part - I Chapter 7 Wonders of Light Part - II Chapter 8 Understanding Metals and Non-metals Chapter 9 Amazing World of Carbon Compounds Chapter 10 Life's Internal Secrets Chapter 11 The Regulators of Life Chapter 12 The Life Cycle Chapter 13 Mapping our Genes Chapter 14 Striving for better Environment Part - I Chapter 15 Striving for better Environment Part - II You can subscribe to our channel by just clicking on learnFatafat also available on - Facebook: Twitter: Google+ : Just Subscribe, Share or Like our videos to show your Love!