Terminator Gun!!! | Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | Early Access | Htc Vive | #1

Published on April 30, 2016
Channel: Vinny Vr
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Holy smokes this game is FANTASTIC! and it's only in early access can't wait to see even MORE guns and rooms!! Follow Me Vinny on twitter: @VinnyVR1 Check out ANTONS dev blog: goo.gl/vQi3GF H3VR.COM Available on Steam: https://goo.gl/tFMtRf Follow the dev team on twitter: @AntonHand @DamnCatOnMyDesk @lcmiller @wrstscrnnm6 @afeeld H3VR - S-1 24. Pinocchio GUN!!!: https://goo.gl/tUzEqu 23. 1000 degree MINIGUN: https://goo.gl/mlZttr 22. IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!: https://goo.gl/684N1Q 21. DEAGLE AFTERNOON DELIGHT!!!: https://goo.gl/WVsHQM 20. MELEE MADNESS: https://goo.gl/3lRW2Z 19. HEADSHOT HARAMBE!!!: https://goo.gl/8tY15g 18. WILL THE REAL BREACHER PLEASE STAND UP!!!: https://goo.gl/KUQtF5 17. I FELL IN LOVE!!!: https://goo.gl/zZEzcN 16. INTO THE WILDERNESS!!!: https://goo.gl/5yxTXP 15. SNIPER LEET?!?!: https://goo.gl/y3oMPB 14. GUNTASTIC: http://goo.gl/5wnavo 13. MAN VS MACHINE: http://goo.gl/LUPUiX 12. LIFE'S A BREACH!!!: http://goo.gl/t6rBwl 11. PISTOL PARADISE!!!: https://goo.gl/44zfD7 10. BREACH FOR THE STARS!!!:https://goo.gl/PT2Kt6 9. AKM, SAKO AND FIREWORKS!!!: https://goo.gl/FJrde8 8. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!: https://goo.gl/pmpuyJ 7. BREACH CLUB: https://goo.gl/AA3fPH 6. DUAL WIELD SHOTGUN SALLY DESTRUCTION!!!: https://goo.gl/DBcx4X 5. BREACH LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!!!: https://goo.gl/egIC7r 4. DUAL WIELD MAC-10 MAYHEM!!!: https://goo.gl/ie9x04 3. S.W.A.T. GUNS VIDEO: https://goo.gl/TJc3DC 2. SHOTGUN SALLY VIDEO: https://goo.gl/VSGgMI 1. TERMINATOR GUN!!! VIDEO: https://goo.gl/J6RhnZ Demos and First looks: MYTHICA VR | D AND D: https://goo.gl/iugXqv BUILDING MY OWN BREACH SCENE!!!: https://goo.gl/toL0TW TIME TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE!!! | SVRVIVE: http://goo.gl/KSbA9N HOVER JUNKERS!!!: https://goo.gl/TI26bm UNBREAKABLE VR RUNNER: https://goo.gl/ZhAzQz VR BOXING!!!: https://goo.gl/JHmWzm CAP'N AMERICA!!!: https://goo.gl/EJu2Pm MEETING OF THE GODS!!!: https://goo.gl/jP1JYt ROBOTKILLER!!!: https://goo.gl/nHvpRT ZOMBIELICIOUS!!!: https://goo.gl/yUEAQx YOU'RE A WIZARD VINNY!!!: https://goo.gl/p72QPX SKEET LEEET: https://goo.gl/aW90lC SPACE PIRATE TRAINER: https://goo.gl/f302hp HTC VIVE - THE LAB: https://goo.gl/xW7Lrj