Teamrunner.Com | Explainer Video

Published on May 11, 2013

Check out our newest animated video made for! Let us know what you think. If you would like your own animated video contact us today at | | 1-800-385-6420 Video transcript below: If you're involved in organising a sports event you'll know they involve a lot more work than play. Parents, participants and team volunteers lose time and sleep trying to track multiple kids, sports and travel arrangements across various programs. Sports organisations struggle to find new revenue streams and optimize return from events they host. And local restaurants, hotels and businesses are either unprepared and inundated or miss out on opportunities altogether. Everyone's working independently and it's a mess! But now there's TeamRunner - the one stop team event and travel solution that brings everyone together and makes sports fun again! Team travel, accommodation and entertainment can be promoted, booked and paid for in one convenient place - helping customers and providers quickly find the perfect match. Our dashboard function puts everyone on the same page - helping parents, participants and teams plan for competitions, letting organisations promote new tournaments and allowing businesses to prepare for local events and post special promotions. Even better, sports organisations can create new revenue streams and optimize existing ones whether they're hosting an event or attending one - meaning you get paid more to play more. TeamRunner does all this and much much more! So no matter what part you play our free service can put the fun back into sports events! Find out more today at