Taipei Vlog | Shopping At 西门町 (Xi Men Ding) Modern Toilet...Etc - Saytioco

Published on Aug. 9, 2017
Category: Howto & Style
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Our last day in Taipei! Spent all day at Xi Men Ding, tapos biglang UMULAN NG MALAKAS!!! Click show more* for the EXPENSE LIST! FLYTPACK WIFI - RENT HERE: Don't forget to use the code 'FLYTPACKSay' from July 30-Aug 30 to get 100 pesos off from your total bill upon booking your travel POCKET WIFI! HOTEL WE STAYED AT - 9ine HOTEL NTD 4410 for July 30-Aug 3 (July 30 super late check in) FIRST DAY IN TAIWAN - watch video here SECOND DAY IN TAIPEI EXPENSES: NTD 780 Modern Toilet food NTD 957 - total spent on face masks etc at COSMED NTD 349 Avene Spray (Xi Men Ding store) NTD 20/pc raincoat NTD 374 - 2 meals at Coco Curry NTD 1930 - spent on more pasalubong + face masks NTD 30 milk tea NTD 1045 Beef Jerky (Shin Tong Yang) NTD 130 Hotstar (1 chicken 1 taro balls) NTD 80 xiao long bao NTD 90 bahkutteh-ish food NTD 110 mami (what I ate that night) NTD865 Pasalubong (bought from Shin Tong Yang at the airport) NTD 144 + 90 - hotpot at Hi-Life at the airport (ANG SARAP) NTD1000 private car pick up (my sister's contact in Taiwan) bought us to the airport from 9Ine hotel. NTD 1200 - EXCESS BAGGAGE nakakaloka SEE MORE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram - Twitter - Facebook -