Sxsw 2014: Zya, A New Mobile Music Game - Dmt Interviews Dean Serletic Head Of Marketing

Published on March 8, 2014
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

SXSW 2014 Interview with Dean Serletic from Zya 1:00 What is Zya and can we get a quick demo? 5:05 It is quite a complex piece of technology, how did you go about making this app? 5:50 How did Zya actually get started? Dean gives us the background 7:10 What was the first iteration of Zya? 7:54 Tell us about how you licensed the tracks and what happens to the end result of the music created by the users? 9:20 You have a technology within the app that can track what is happening in the background when it comes to reviewing splits if anyone wants to monetize of their creation 10:20 How did Zya find the balance between being a fun game and a professional DAW interface? 11:34 How are you planning to promote it pre release? 12:50 Is it weird that none of the gaming players have not stepped into the mobile music games space yet considering the success of games such as Guitar Hero etc. 14:05 What is the road map for the app over the next few months?