Superhero Prank With Connor Murphy

Published on May 31, 2017
Channel: Patrick Lyons
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL - FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM - SUBSCRIBE TO CONNOR - Jim Yosef - Eclipse Superman Theme Song In this video, Patrick Lyons, a YouTube prankster and fitness personality, goes to 6th street in downtown Austin disguised as a normal, nerdy, superhero-loving dude. He tells girls he has a superhero-related YouTube channel and that he wants girls' opinions on who is better: Batman or Superman. He then asks if girls would talk to Batman/give him their number if he was real. Then he rips off his shirt, revealing that he actually is Batman, leading to some awesome reactions. Then, out of thin air, Connor Murphy appears as Superman/Clark Kent. They then compete head-to-head to see who girls like more. When they both reveal their true identities, the reactions are priceless.