Successful Hairdresser R. Sandoval

Published on May 10, 2012
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

South American Champion of Champions talks about the history of Vidal Sassoon; the king of women liberation in hairdressing; about Vidal Sassoon's Direct Precise Cut; his father the barber, and how Vidal Sassoon started to create haircuts and revolutionize the hairdressing industry. Mr. Rafael Sandoval talks about how to learn without spending too much money, how to get a free model, and how to have a back-up model or models for competitions. Sandoval explains what to do and not to do before and during the International Competitions. Recognized in the Star's Panel, and once the President of Peruvian Hairdresser's Association, he explains the importance of belonging to hairdresser's associations and being recognized in magazines, TV shows, and even trying to enter the Guinness Book as the fastest haircutter in the world; see what happened. He was featured in La Coiffure de Paris, and was chosen by an Austrian Judge to be the golden medalist of Champion of Champions. Rafael Sandoval talks about how the cosmetology industry have changes, and how the Pivot Point education has changed his life; how he had learned from Vidal Sassoon, and how he was a successful hairdresser for 58 years. He explains about the history of hairdressing from Pivot Point, to Direct Precise Cut by Vidal Sassoon, and finally to famous sculptured cuts, and how Vidal Sassoon changed women's hair experience in the salon and at home. He also talks about Clairol hair-coloring school that he attended. This educational video teaches about success, competition, presentation, and the history of the hairdressing since the mid 20th century, and how hairdressers worked hard to succeed in the competitive industry; for cosmetologists, barbers, hair historians, beauty school students, salon professionals, educators, Peruvians and South American hairdressers, to learn from a veteran hairdressing champion about success, money, models, competition; the hairdresser's life. The presenter is one and only Mr. Rafael Sandoval, Video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.