Studio Time 11 - ''What If I Fall?'' Art Journal Mixed Media Tutorial

Published on Aug. 23, 2015
Channel: Mimi Bondi
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

I don't know about you but I often find inspiration in words. Being a very visual person, images speak to me first and I couldn't agree more with the old proverb of ''a picture paints a thousand words'' but sometimes, a quote can also paint a pretty picture ;-) For inspiration for this spread, info, photos and supplies used, click here: Talk to me or ask art-related questions: Find out about my mixed media tutorial book and videos: Please like and subscribe to my channel if you want more :) Love from Oz! mimi PS: If you're thinking of hitting the thumbs down button, first consider the hours, skills and effort it takes to create videos that YouTube creators share with you for FREE and what YOU actually offer to the world in return ;-) Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it's a bad video.