Stocksmovingnow.Com - Acor And Faz Moving Fast 1/22/10

Published on Jan. 22, 2010
Category: Education
Source: Youtube shows the big move of ACOR (Acordia Therapeutics) and FAZ (Direxion 3x Bear ETF) on 01/22/2010. aggregates data from the website showing the Market Movers (stocks making New Highs or New Lows). This data is combined with industry info, support and resistance levels, percentage change, and breaking news and Charts. In this example, the data in the Market Movers section of Scottrade is moving SO FAST it is impossible to read -- you NEED to decipher! Also, Acordia Therapeutics had positive news regarding a drug that it will be distributing that contributed to its spike higher in price. Disclaimer: The content of does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security or derivative whatsoever, and you should not consider any such information as a recommendation.