Steve Trash: Science Of Ecology - Learning Objectives

Published on Jan. 22, 2017
Channel: Steve Trash
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Steve Trash - Science of Ecology is NOT just entertaining, it's state curriculum cross correlated and will probably end up having your kids say, it was the "best field trip ever". Steve Trash: Science of Ecology is a - TOTALLY AMAZING - field trip! Teachers and kids across the planet have called it "the BEST field trip we've ever been on"! Why? Well... mostly... because... The Science of Ecology features astounding green magic tricks (seriously good magic), totally rockin' music, science based environmental info, and lots, and lots, of funny stuff! Each show is packed with state specific (cross correlated) curriculum based science. Including the following... The Earth’s NATURAL RESOURCES are limited and therefore they are valuable. Specific ways kids can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. What the WATER CYCLE is and how it works. What items can be recycled. Why is RECYCLING a good use of natural resources. What ECOLOGY is. Objective #1 – Understand that everything in the ecological world is connected. Objective #2 - Understand that all the Earth’s resources are valuable and should be used wisely. Objective #3 - Encourage kids to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Show kids how they can do this. Objective #4 - Having an amazingly rockin’ good time! Want to know more? Check out this video. Oh yeah... be sure to check out the STEVE TRASH - SCIENCE OF ECOLOGY - SHOW VIDEO