Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch Ron Fellows

Published on March 2, 2017
Channel: Nicolasd89
Source: Youtube

Just a small compilation of some of my videos from Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch on February 27th and 28th 2017 attending the Ron Fellows Corvette Owners School. This place was pretty amazing from the facilities to the instructors, really top notch and a well run program. Running a C7 Z06 hard at the track like this really gives you the confidence in the car and what it's capable of. The cars are 100% stock and only have fluid changes and a race alignment. It was stable, forgiving, and even when pushing it a bit too much into a corner, mid corner slide, or coming out it was very balanced and easy to reel back in. You can hear the PTM kicking in as I would roll into the gas coming out of some of the corners a bit too soon/hard. I was really surprised at how well it communicated when you were at the limits of the tires and never once did I think that it was out of control, actually I wished it had more power like mine does as that would have helped down the straights and made up for my slower sections. LOL! I overlayed and sync'd the PDR video on top of my GoPro video just because you get a better sense of speed with the wider view. Plus it's easier to see my turn in and mid turn corrections on the wheel when I can see my hands so I can learn what worked and what didn't. I was finally starting to get used to the lateral grip and brakes on this car towards the end and realized I was braking too early and scrubbing too much speed in many of the corners. Pretty sure I could have downshifted to 3rd in another section to help my exit acceleration a bit more but they wanted us to hold back on the gear changes, maybe next time!