Spotlight: The Legend Of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena - Gameplay

Published on Sept. 20, 2017
Channel: Twist Gaming
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena now on Kickstarter! Are you on the cutting edge? A trendsetter? A board game hoarder?! Then we have the show for you! Join us for our Spotlight as we showcase new and upcoming games, many of which are not even released to the public yet! We’ll bring in designers, creators, and publishers to give you an inside look at the game and hopefully make your search for a new favorite an easy one! We host a Twitch channel 4 nights per week that focuses on allowing our viewers to interact and work together as one of the players in the board games we play! Through Twitch chat, our viewers can roll dice, discuss strategies and vote on game play decisions. Our full schedule is available here: Don't forget to join us every Monday at 8PM ET on Twitch for our Spotlight session. Come play with us!