Spirit Gets All Cleaned Up

Published on Oct. 3, 2017

Spirit is already feeling a bit better and today, she thoroughly enjoyed getting all of the dead fleas and nastiness washed off of her. She especially enjoys having her neck scratched! Spirit is resting, a lot, eating well, and taking it day by day. She is not available for adoption yet but we do hope for a bright future for our new friend. If you missed her original story, please see below. This is just not a good year for lady Labradors in New Jersey. Sable, Mabel, and Hope were all victims of heartless acts of cruelty and abandonment and now, we can add our new friend Spirit to the list of beautiful, loving, loyal dogs that suffered so terribly at the hands of cruel, heartless individuals. Spirit was the beloved companion of an elderly man who recently went into an assisted living facility, and left the care of Spirit up to his son. That is when Spirit's world fell apart. The elderly chocolate lab didn't ask for much, just the basics, but she received nothing. No food or water, no comfort or love. As if it wasn't bad enough that Spirit was being terribly neglected, but then her new owner went and moved out of state, leaving Spirit completely alone. We are not clear on how long she was completely alone without food or water, but judging by her condition upon arrival, she was fending for herself for quite some time. A friend of the family got the call to go over to the house and tend to Spirit, and "turn her in somewhere". Poor Spirit was in bad shape at that point and the friend was horrified at her condition. Spirit was starving, thirsty, covered from head to toe in fleas, and had nails so long that she could not even walk on her painful paws. She gave Spirit some good meals, then brought her to us at AHS/Popcorn Park. Spirit was unable to walk when she arrived. She was exhausted, starving, suffering with eye and ear infections, and chewed up badly by flea infestation. After spending some time in our medical department getting vaccinations, flea treatment, medicine for her infections and pain medication, and having her nails cut, Spirit had a good meal and took a long, well deserved nap on a huge bed in our Vinnie Van Gogh Recovery Suite. Now all we have to do is help her to recover, and hope for a bright future for her. Spirit is already feeling a little better today and is alert, taking walks, and eating well. It is too soon to tell what her prognosis will be or if there are any underlying conditions that are causing this sweet, elderly lady to suffer, but rest assured we will be doing everything we can to ensure that she is comfortable and pain free while we learn more about her. She could use your thoughts, prayers and well wishes, and if you would like to contribute toward the care of Spirit, she would appreciate that too. You can make a donation by texting ResQ to 501501 or by clicking here:https://www.ahscares.org/shop/item.asp?itemid=28&catid=5 Thank you, as always, for your care and support. We will update again soon on our new friend, Spirit.