Spider Incinerator - Hairspray Powered Flamethrower

Published on Oct. 7, 2016
Channel: Hodgepunk
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

Do spiders creep you out? Want to kill them with fire? This is the RIGHT way to do it! Enjoy our spider killing flame cannon powered by full cans (that's right ladies and gentleman, full cans!) of hairspray! Check out us burning commenter suggested items! https://youtu.be/sM9-H0CQXXs Featured on Make Magazine's Blog! http://makezine.com/2016/10/12/incinerate-spiders-with-this-over-the-top-flame-thrower/ Need 3D printing supplies? Check out our friends at Matterhackers! https://www.matterhackers.com?rcode=DNGRFRST Follow us on social media to get sneak peaks about upcoming process! Twitter: https://twitter.com/danger_first Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danger_first/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DangerousHodgepunks/videos All music written and performed by Danger First Team