Spanish Diction For Singers

Published on July 1, 2017
Channel: Pablozinge
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

This video is meant as a practical introduction to Spanish Diction (both Castilian and Latin American) for singers. Based on my 40 years of teaching Spanish diction, I want to share the principles that I teach daily in my New York City studio. The complete video lasts under 50 minutes, not bad for a fairly complete introduction. It covers important principles such as: - vowel sounds - rolled R, flipped R - the "softened" consonants (D, G, V-B) - the use of the TH (as in thing) sound for ci, ce and the Z consonant in Castilian Spanish - local differences in the pronunciation of LL-Y and GE, GI and J. And much more… Any questions, let me know! And feel free to SHARE with singers, singing teachers.