Spain: Locals Brand Catalan Vote Violence ‘Horrible, Shocking’

Published on Oct. 2, 2017
Channel: Ruptly Tv
Category: News & Politics
Source: Youtube

Locals in Barcelona on Monday branded the violence surrounding the Catalan referendum the previous day as “horrible and shocking”. Some 844 people were injured in numerous raids at different polling stations across the region. SOT, Young woman, Barcelona resident (Catalan): " I had friends that were in front of some schools, staying vigilant, building barricades to protect the polling station from police forces. My friend told me that she he was grabbed by police and by civil guard and they threw him onto the floor. That is horrible, horrible." SOT, Two Barcelona residents (Catalan): "What we think about what happened hier yesterday, is that it was completely chaotic, what happened here was chaotic. We saw brutal scenes caused by the police and some by the protesters." SOT, Barcelona resident (Catalan): "We have seen too much repression, too much brutal force onto people, people who were just standing in lines willing to vote, we need more freedom and they are not giving it to us." SOT, Two Barcelona residents (Catalan): " None of the two sides is right. They should not have placed children and elderly people in front of the polling stations." SOT, Barcelona resident (Catalan): "No, the situation is not the same as in Scotland, the only thing that happened here was penalties and preventing people from voting." SOT, Woman Barcelona resident (Catalan): "In a word, it was horrible and shocking. I just cant explain what they did because people were unable to do anything to respond to this violence coming from police and the civil guard." SOT, Barcelona residient (Catalan): "People want to be free, their only desire was to express their will to vote. At least a lot of people managed to vote and avoid clashes with police, they [police] used plastic balls and gad, which was forbidden three years ago. How could they use that on ordinary people." Video ID: 20171002 030 Video on Demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook: