Some More Apps And Cydia Tweeks

Published on May 7, 2011
Channel: Michael Choi
Source: Youtube

Here are some more Apps and cydia stuff PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE FOR MORE VIDEOS. if you have any comments or questions just ask down below :D 1.Yourtube-allows you to download videos from youtube(STAY AWAY FROM LOW QUALITY) 2.Mobile Theatre-You can download videos like South Park and stuff(the top three links dosn't work for me for some reason but if it works, nice :D) 3.(In App store)Dailymotion- this is like Youtube but its more for people that wants to see something with eng sub. but don't just type in the title and search cause then it won't show up alot of them i search on google then go to a website called Entertainment (ex. search family outing ep.74ng subs then look for the web entertainment click on part 1 then it should take u to dailymotion u can watch it from the internet or you can copy and paste the title and search it on you dailymotion app it should look like LKS.RSSFO.74.1x10. you don't have to watch that its just a example) 4.Cydelete- i forgot to put this up but this will let you delete stuff cydia apps.. so if you don't like the mobile theater you can just delete it with this app. 5.Call of Duty World at War Zombies 1- this is just like the one on the xbox but alot harder. u can save and stuff so its cool if you want me to show a few glitches just ask and i'll show a few.