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Published on Sept. 15, 2011
Channel: Iseestand
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

Here is a great Comedy Act, Artistic license expressed. Take all of below with your own grain of salt, because indeed it's quite peppered with both truths and stretches of YOUR imagination. Consult with your lawyer to see if HE represents YOUR best interests or not. is one way to video/audio record almost all your agreements and hold yourself accountable as well as others. What a Novel idea. I think I'll joke and write about it. And embed the truth in a Joke. you can TOO. Whoopie, all fair in the game of laugh and play. Regards, Makes you think a little, doesn't it? LOVE OTHERS The ties to (Keith is booking now for National TV Sept 22 onward before Sept 28 Keith good friends with Berny Dohrmann and so many wealthy like Sig Mosley, Charlie, Rogers, Yates (MMM + USAG-Atl), Tom Shell (USMarshal) Nora Beardsley (IRS WhistleBlower 2009-000658) Robert Rose Forsyth 08SC-1345 $135K + Avalanche Dept of Revenue Judge title Keith's name -Rose bought it back, Cobb County TPO did Rose perjury +7 times? does he iive in $2.8M estate 2nd foreclosure, $120K Morgan 2-seater, HomeAutomation video cams in MultiMillionHomes- are You Naked? Keith's wireless Clear routers cloned in public places, emails hijacked, do previous lawyers misrepresent him years ago, Steven Dorvee's wife article, are there reversed entries on HomeWaves.pdf GL?, what about RBC + who bribed Bahamas PrimeMinister, Did any one at IRS, FBI, USAG, USMarshal, police, or others has EVER called Keith back even after 14 calls at Cobb County Jail Sept 3 Cit 3071696. Did Brown made +5 procedure mistakes + Keith ?may? read lips, and Jail Telelink phones record ALL my pleas at 8:30 am. and my car unprotected with ALL my computers compromised same day after Brown calls ?who? and did he correctly protect me?. By the way, ReckLess Driving is legal (get it? I have NO WRECKS at all on my license. Will Judge check if the No Tag that I DID have receipt for SHOULD have been no RegSticker, and did anyone say check off Requested Accuracy check box?, Should officers show breathaLIEzer #'s and did my officer IM Txt msged (ReckLess Driving) while driving me, and no-one at Cobb County refused to call FBI for me(shameful). Jason Church witness + my email. Cherokee Cty Ltn G refuses to participate in cleanup of his dept I think, so much more. I am having so much fun holding each of you accountable for your own salvation and happiness because I, Keith Duncan, hold answers to your issues. When I die, BUMMER BOOM, maybe earlier. Joke is on you with White Wine Mr. Rose, Daffodill by any other name. $10M Blind Trust Fund with $10K/hour minimum bid. Let's have some fun and transform EVERYTHING ABOUT LOVE OTHERS. What's the only difference between JC and KD? Time and final BOOM or Welcome to the Show! Life continues *** --- *** yourself. O-KBD g19