Snow Tha Product - Nowhere To Go (Quarantine Love) (Official Music Video)

Published on March 25, 2020
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Since everyone is quarantined in the house because of corona, figured i would drink actual corona, and some 1942 and make a lil challenge for myself.. made the song, video and edited it all myself within 24 hours to upload for yall.. maybe you can recreate it on your socials... winner gets some "NOWHERE TO GO" merch..DROPPING LATER TODAY.. oh btw SONG IS PROCESSING ON ALL PLATFORMS.. SO LINK WILL BE UP SOON MAKE SURE YOU SUPPORT IT WHEN ITS OUT :) . . LMK IF YOU WANNA SEE THE MAKING OF THIS SONG AND VIDEO IN A VLOG :) . . . .quarantine challenge snow tha product what to do when your bored hip hop