Snoozer Loser For Iphone - Don'T Abuse The Snooze

Published on Aug. 29, 2011
Channel: Dlpmobile
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

You snooze, you lose -- this time for real. SnoozerLoser, the latest app from DLP Mobile, is an alarm clock for your iPhone, but with an economic twist. You don't just set a time to wake up. You also decide the dollar amount that you'll be forced to pay for hitting the snooze button. "Would you like to snooze? It'll cost you!" warns SnoozerLoser when it goes off. Hit snooze, and you'll be billed the amount of money that you elected to pay the night before -- when you were still awake enough to know what's good for you. All good capitalists know that incentives motivate behavior. SnoozeLoser simply incentivizes you to get out of bed, by putting your own money on the line. You've heard of taxes on cigarettes? Consider this a tax on laziness. "It's just enough money to make you think twice about hitting the snooze button," says Zak Tanjeloff, the 25-year-old founder of DLP Mobile, which is headquartered in New York City. So who profits from your laziness, should you choose to sleep in? DLP Mobile will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. You snooze, you lose -- but at least someone less fortunate will gain. SnoozeLoser is available now, and is free to download from iTunes.