Snooze You Choose Alarm/Reminders App Promo/Ad

Published on Oct. 16, 2014
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Out now on Android phones and iPhones. A flexible alarm clock that gives you control, snooze control. With responsive and intuitive controls, you can choose the perfect length to snooze any alarm, right at the crucial moment, when the alarm is sounding. Ever wanted to adjust the pre-set 9 minute snooze? Are you repeatedly hitting the snooze button as if you are trying to break a snooze record? Snooze You Choose is designed to eliminate that default 9 minutes. - Want 20 minutes more sleep? - Need 1 more hour before taking a pill? - Call your Mum in 15 minutes? - Collecting the kids 30 minutes later than usual? - Take out the trash when you get home in 2 hours? Every alarm/reminder you set gives you snooze options, not just one! You'll never forget an important task again. With simple navigation the alarms are easy to set. Choose the alarm to sound - Once - Daily - Weekly - or just every Monday and Friday! Choose from the 14 ringtones - Delightful Melody - Funky Dance - Clam Bells - or Annoying Beep! Choose how you want to snooze. - 4 Beautiful Snooze Buttons to slide. (You can also choose the time intervals on these 4 buttons) - Snooze Scroll Wheel for the ultimate flexibility.