Smooth Jazz Mix - Airplay Jun 2016

Published on June 19, 2016
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Welcome to 'Airplay' the show that introduces you to great new indie. smooth grooves from around the world. On this musical flight we fly you to Hawaii, Germany, England and the USA as we play a selection of smooth jazz, new age music in a great mix that will put you miles above the stresses of your everyday life. Here is your musical in flight entertainment Artist - Song - Album 1. Zolbert -Shine- One 2. Denny Jiosa - Just The Thought Of You - Dreams Like This 3. Fran Clark - The Friend You Need - Beautiful People 4. Hattler - No Warning Gotham - City Beach Club Suite 5. Jeff Gaeth - Tangled Up - Portrait 6. Kerani - Spirit Of The Last Wilderness - Arctic Sunrise 7. Jeff Oster - I can't Make You Love Me - Next 8. Rocco & Rahj - Deux Vins Rouges - Beach Jazz Chill Mix 9. The Bobi - Colah Project - Luna Stars - Single 10. YvonneJ - Rainy Days and Mondays - Only For You 11. Wayne Wesley Johnson - Ticklestick - Single 12. Sam Hankins- Do That Thang -Do That Thang 13. Braty Bluzu - Father & Son - The City That Never Sleeps Listen to more great music @