Sims 3 || 101 Dalmatians Challenge: Practically Perfect Puppies - Episode #18

Published on Sept. 17, 2015
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

• Join the Pixel Biology Community! • • 101 Dalmatians Playlist || • Our first litter is just about ready to grow up, but are they ready to take on life as adult dogs? Anita and Roger need to make sure they have all the best traits we can train before the dogs head off into the world! Seri the Pixel Biologist dives into Sims 3 with all expansion packs and several chunks of useful custom content to see how we can do taking on a dramatic doggy challenge: breeding 101 dalmatian puppies and raising them in a happy, healthy home! • Meadow Glen Custom World || • Seri's Custom 101 Dalmatian Challenge Rules ===================================== • Start off with Roger and his loyal dog Pongo and Anita and her dog Perdita in the neighborhood, but they can't be in the same household! • The first part of the challenge is having Roger and Anita meet and fall in love! Once they are married then the puppy breeding can begin! Remember: no trying for puppies until Roger and Anita are married! • Roger and Anita may not have traditional jobs: they must be self-employed or sell things to make ends meet! They must also move out to a farm in the countryside as soon as possible! Hint: Getting them a nice big farm to run can really help not only make money but give the future puppies lots of room to roam! • The breeding dogs must know all six tricks and perform at least one trick exhibition show in their lifetime! • All puppies must be taught at least one skill before being adopted out! • All dogs must have their own food bowl, bed, and toy! -- There is a penalty of -1 point per day per dog who does not have their own bed, food bowl, and toy! We must take good care of our puppies and make sure they are all healthy and happy! • Puppies must have a nice bed indoors or in their barn. They can have the option of sleeping in dog houses outside, but they must have a bed they could also choose from indoors as well! || Points || + 1 Point per Puppy Born + 5 Points per Bottomless Food Dish acquired! -- Note! You cannot use the Bottomless Food Dish, but you may gather them and put them in family inventory for points! || Bonus Points || + 10 Points for each dog beyond the breeding pair who learns all six tricks! + 10 Points for each completed Hunter Dog Skill Challenge + 10 Points for each completed Hunter Dog Statue Collection + 1 Point for each nondestructive, neat, and friendly trait learned || Penalty Points || - 1 Point per dog per day who does not have a bed, food bowl, and toy! -1 Point per day each time more than 3 creatures - dogs or sims or other! - have fleas! This stacks every 3 creatures that have fleas! -10 Points per puppy adopted out who does not know at least one trick! -5 per dog per use of the Young Again Potion _______________________________________________ Twitter • • Facebook • • Instagram • • Etsy Shop • • Patreon • •