Shop Shenanigans: Collecting & Recycling Used Oil

Published on June 9, 2017
Channel: Joshua C.
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

Video of me collecting customer oil, which I then recycled at my local Auto-Zone. #savagefor2dollars I believe the vehicle in the video is a 2011(ish) Ford Focus. Busy day so filming was brief -- no walkthrough or how-to here. Entire A/C system removals (taking out dashes), clutch jobs, full suspension work, brake R&R, brake/clutch master/slave cylinder replacements, transmission swaps, engine swaps, exhaust manifold replacements, exhaust gaskets, fuel system (fuel pumps, sending units, injector diagnostics), cooling system (g-damn all of the radiators and water pump/timing belts & serpentine belts I have done), countless tune-ups, oddly enough only three or four oil changes. Oh I miss oil changes -- gravy work baby. Y'all keep at it.