Share A Hard Drive With Everyone On Your Wi-Fi Network - Network Hard Drive Using Router Usb

Published on July 13, 2015
Channel: Sharpro
Source: Youtube

Here's an easy to follow tutorial on How to Set Up Your Own Personal Cloud by sharing an external hard drive or a thumb drive with everyone connected to your Wi-Fi network using a wireless router. Buy this router from Amazon US: Buy this router from Flipkart India: Buy from Amazon India: The router used in this video is an inexpensive 300mbps router that has a USB port at the back. After installing the router properly, it didn't take me more than 5 minutes to enable the USB feature and start streaming files over Wi-Fi to all my devices. Don't visit our Website: Don't like us on Facebook: P.S. After using this router for about a week, I faced enormous amounts of bugs that led me to return this router and buy an alternative from one of its competitors. The new router that I bought has been working flawlessly and the USB option works like a charm. Links to the new router: Buy from Amazon US: Buy from Flipkart India: Buy from Amazon India: