Serama For Sale In Seattle Washington

Published on March 11, 2013
Category: Pets & Animals
Source: Youtube

If you live in Seattle Washington and would like to seriously by one or two please email me but make sure you put in the subject " Your Seramas on Youtube" I get so much spam that i DO NOT answer or open them at all :) please Personal message me on here only since it's faster instead of commenting since youtube does not always give me my comments. I will not sell them cheap for any reason. All My seramas where raised in my home then raised in a 30 foot wide shed and 20 foot long. I feed them all food groups like fruits,vegetables, dandelions, Grass, Grain, Corn, 28% poultry feed, worms and they also graze on my lawn for a few hours. you can see all my videos on that. I have a small flock and don't raise them for meat or kill my seramas for special types. thanks for your time and please give them a great home even if you will eat them later. Please :)