Self Actualization - The Most Inspiring Self-Help Concept Of All Time

Published on Feb. 14, 2014
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Self Actualization - Learn what self-actualization really means, as originally described by Abraham Maslow in Towards a Psychology of Being. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course - Create Your Dream Career: Leo's Top 140 Self Help Books Full Video Transcript Here: Video Summary: To be self-actualized is to live the best life you can live. Abraham Maslow in his book "Toward a Psychology of Being," described a six-level triangular hierarchy of human needs, from the broad base of our biological needs which we share with lower animals, to the pinnacle of human psychological, intellectual, and emotional experience, as defined by self-actualization. He labeled these all, not just the lower ones, as "needs" not luxuries. Above and beyond enjoying the comfort of enough food, shelter, and safety to survive, humans have the potential for a vast wonderland of deeply-satisfying experiences, ranging from intimacy and recognition, to utilizing our talents to further the human mission. While we each can potentially rise to differing levels of achievement according to our abilities, failure to strive for more than what we currently, comfortably have is disempowering to the human spirit. "Man's reach should exceed his grasp ... (Robert Browning)." Those who settle for the lowest levels of need-fulfillment, tend to lose their direction and their passion for life as their psyche rots from the inside. Maslow provided a richly-detailed, inspirational list of 34 characteristics of self-actualized people, briefly defined here. Maslow's list should re-inspire anyone to re-dedicate one's life to greater pleasure through human fulfillment.