Secrets To Killer Confidence In Basketball: Basketball Confidence Drills And Mentality

Published on June 12, 2017
Channel: Shotmechanics
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

Secrets to Killer Confidence in Basketball Find a PGC Basketball Camp Here: Free 7-Day Shooting Challenge: In Today's video I bring on Coach Tyler Coston of PGC Basketball to help teach the keys to getting killer confidence in basketball. Confidence is something that is really important to any basketball player because it can actually make or break your career. By practicing these drills and mental keys it's a fast track on how to be more confident in basketball. Basketball confidence is something that can be trained, so watch this video and let's boost yours today! Confidence on the court comes from many factors. The most important thing is to make sure you're actively looking to improve it every day. Don't forget to try the FREE 7-Day Shooting Challenge: Want more ShotMechanics? Follow us on social media :) SnapChat: ShotMechanics