Science March La - Walking From Square To City Hall

Published on April 22, 2017

I was a part of March for Science in Los Angeles - people are united in support of scinece and climate changes that can;t be denied Please Subscribe: World according to G, new videos every month Make sure to subscribe, leave a like and a great comment Don't forget to share with friends! World According to G social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: "World according to G" is airing on YouTube a short film each month that covers a variety of different topics presented to the audience by founder of, 15-year old Gerry Orz. He believes that providing educational or civic minded material to children through visual mediums is very effective. Gerry often visits various locations, talking about the history behind them; or he is teaching kids some basic cooking skills without forgetting safety measures. He is also a frequent guest on the red carpet for new and upcoming movies and together with Children Media Coalition, Kids First, Gerry brings the latest scoop on movies, games, CDs as well as interviews with the most popular stars in the biz.