Schindler 400A Traction Elevators At The Domain Center North Garage.

Published on March 22, 2017

Riding the basic elevator at the Domain Center North Garage in Austin, Texas, and even though it runs well, there is no capacity plate on the car station, which would probably be considered a code violation. But for TDLR's capacity designation, it is of course the basic 3500#. Specifications: General-Schindler/400A MRL Traction. Performance-3500 Lbs/10 HP. Distance-75 feet/6 floors & 300 FPM. Year-Installed/2014. Fixtures-Vandal Resistant Cab-Brushed stainless steel ceiling with 9 recessed LED lights, brushed stainless steel walls with brushed stainless steel panels & 2" wide brushed stainless steel handrail, gray rubber floor, and brushed stainless steel fronts/car doors/lobby doors/jambs. Color coding-Red/1, orange/2, yellow/3, green/4, blue/5, purple/6.