Scanner Sombre - Deep Cave Exploring With No Eyesight - Scanner Sombre Gameplay Highlights

Published on April 26, 2017
Channel: Draegast
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Scanner Sombre on Steam: Welcome to Scanner Sombre! Scanner Sombre is the newest game by Introversion Software (same people behind Prison Architect). Scanner Sombre puts you deep in a cave with no eyesight; how you see is with something called a LIDAR Scanner which works a lot like echolocation except instead of sound you're seeing dots when they hit something in front of you. In this episode we begin venturing into the cave and I realize this is not just a cave, there are many secrets here. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Scanner Sombre, thanks for watching and liking. This video was sponsored by Intoversion Software Scanner Sombre Playlist: ☆Discord Community: ☆2nd Channel: ☆Facebook: ☆Twitch: ☆Twitter: Intro: Title: Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact - Break The Silence Listen on Spotify: Video Link: Outro: JAWN - Duck of Doom