Russia Vs Romania | Countries With Similar Flags - Countryballs

Published on July 11, 2017
Source: Youtube

Russia fights Romania. Naming countries that has some similarities with other flags. Patreon: Thank you Deniser Denis and The for great ideas _____________ COMMENTS _____________ Video Idea...Rusia declare's war to Romania Rusia:I have 10 million soldiers armed with 3 pistols and 100000 tanks...what do you have? Romania*sayings whispering*:Gypsies... Rusia:What did you said? Romania:GYPSIES! Rusia:And how will gypsies help you? ------------------------------ Ideea: Latvia: Hi America! USA: Hi Austria! Ireland: Hi America! USA: Hi Italy! Romania: Hi America! USA: Hi Chad! Montenegro: Hi America! USA: I am tired of this crap! Every country I guess is wrong! Who are you? Montenegro: I am Montenegro! USA (confused): Mountain-nigger??? ___________ MUSIC ___________ The Great Avenger - Silent Partner Sneaky Snooper - Kevin MacLeod Fluffing a duck - Kevin MacLeod Ambush - The Descent - Kevin MacLeod