Rug Doctor Rental Mesa Vs Rotovac Professional Carpet Cleaning Mesa Az

Published on Oct. 29, 2015

Rug Doctor Rental vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning company in Mesa, AZ. Visit for more information about this rug doctor rental Mesa AZ comparison. We rented a Rug Doctor at the local Food City and then cleaned a living room in a Mesa home with it. We spent $58 on our Rug Doctor Rental in Mesa, AZ. We purchased the carpet cleaning pre-treatment as well as the deodorizer and shampoo. The Rug Doctor did a pretty good job. It got out most of the dirt and some of the stains. There were a few stains left so we called Arizona Carpet Cleaning, one of the best carpet cleaners in Mesa. We had them come out and re-clean the same area. After they were done the carpet had improved even more. Arizona Carpet Cleaning charges a low $66 minimum fee for carpet cleaning in Mesa. They do not charge a trip charge if you live in the East Valley. They use a truck-mounted steam cleaning machine and a Rotovac 360i carpet cleaning tool. They can be reached at (480) 737-2384