Rpg Maker Vx Ace (Free No Surveys)

Published on Jan. 1, 2014
Channel: Malicebeifong
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Download RPG MAKER VX ACE Full Version for Free (100% in English). This is purely for educational purposes, for those whom like the program; please support the developers by purchasing an actual copy. Follow These Steps: 1) Download & Install "30 Day Trial" of "RPG Maker VX Ace" from this Link: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/products/programs/rpg-maker-vx-ace. 2) Download & Extract The educational copy from this link: http://adf.ly/pz0nH 3) Go To Installation Directory (C:\Program Files\Enterbrain\RPGVXAce) and Backup "RPGVXAceENU.dll" 4) Rename "RGSS301.dll" to "RGSS300.dll" 5) Copy & Replace Both Files from Crack folder to Installed Location 6) Run "RPGVXAce.exe" and Fill In with any Details. When the registration will be successfull, close it. 7) Delete "RPGVXAceJPN.dll" and Rename the previously backuped file (RPGVXAceENU.dll) to "RPGVXAceJPN.dll" 8) Now Copy this newly renamed file to installed location. You're Done. Now The Projects exported will also be in English.