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Published on Dec. 16, 2011
Channel: Igus Uk
Category: Entertainment
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Video of the Week -- Choose igus for your bespoke energy chain solution igus UK is a specialist in cables and cable carriers, as well as polymer bearings and linear slides. Bringing over 46 years of experience, igus is capable of solving almost any cable management problem put to it - usually achieved by using stock parts and the knowledge of how best to use them. Some customer projects, however, call for special designs and parts to successfully meet the specified requirements. Bespoke solutions can encompass energy chains with RBR (Reverse Bending Radius) as standard. For applications that require rotating energy chains in a large surface area, igus can customise RBR into the energy chain design, with RBR rotation of up to 540 degrees. Additionally, the guide troughs required to guide and support the energy chain can also be custom-made.