Ronald Draper | #Takecareofharlem

Published on Aug. 1, 2016
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

"My work is meant to inspire. It's meant to perpetuate whatever dream you have. My work is meant to make you feel better" - Ronald Draper Ronald Draper's short-lived career serves as a quintessential example of one's destiny being manifested, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences to springboard onto the inevitable road to success. The Harlem, NY native prides himself on utilizing his platform for the greater good of humanity, aiming his artistic efforts towards achieving the ultimate goal of change and equality in a world where a deficiency of the latter is prevalent. Draper consciously incorporates Malcolm X's profound "By Any Means" mantra into his decision making process, which has generated bespoke collections of art revered by cultural organizations, contemporaries, and his supporters respectively. Ronald's upbringing and accomplishments since transitioning from corporate America into the arena of Visual Arts serve as mere reminders that your starting point doesn't defines you. Instead, it's where your journey takes you that defines your legacy. "Really, I am a by-product of everything that is right with foster care. I want to give hope to those who still need hope, and shine a little light where there still needs to be light. Foster care may be a mixed bag, but so many good things can come of it. I want people to see, wow, there is a change that I can have on somebody. If my story helps create one more loving home than there was before, then I have done my job" - Excerpt from Draper's Children’s Rights’ “Fostering the Future” campaign feature. Art has served as an integral building block in creating the artist referred to as "Diddy" by close friends during his collegiate stint at St. John's University. He was introduced to art at the tender age of five as a viable means of self-therapy throughout his childhood. Draper admits he took art for granted during his formidable years, unaware of art's absence throughout the public school system during his tenure at the HS for Art & Design in Manhattan. The untimely passing of his father back in 2012 served as the driving force behind him using art for its therapeutic benefits again. Monetary gain came as a byproduct of his work being showcased on social media. The unexpected support from his friends provoked the idea he could pursue this professionally. Ronald subsequently released a multitude of artwork within a two month span to raise money for the opening of #TheDraperSpace back in 2015. "To know my work is to know innovation. Innovation is the business of making sense of things that do not make sense" - Ronald Draper Ronald refuses to rest on his laurels. His workaholic nature and willingness to push the boundaries continuously puts him in position to remain a standout amongst today's luminaries. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but his worded art is truly worth a thousand pictures. Instagram: @RonaldDraper_ART Website: