Rohn Vlog 160| Hair Cuttery For Me, Compassionate Friends Meeting & Funville Playground For Natalie

Published on Dec. 6, 2015
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

I made an extra effort to Vlog a little more today since I've been slacking. Life has been crazy but it was fun to be able to make a longer Vlog for you guys. Yesterday I got my hair done. I got it cut shorter, layers and colored reddish and purplish tones. Today I went to a child loss support group called the Compassionate Friends and met some sweet people who are going through what I'm going through. Hint: Don't be fooled by the smiles, it's an up and down journey that I'm just trying to survive and move forward from. Then I took Natalie to Chesapeake Square Mall mainly to go to Funville Playground but she just wanted to run and hop around. Lastly we walked around the mall and I found a great Bath and Body works one day sale. I wanted candles from them so bad too. Anyway, enjoy the Vlog!!!