Roblox | Welcome To Bloxburg: Taco Bell + 5K Announcement

Published on June 5, 2017
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

*READ DESCRIPTION* First off, I've had crazy requests for me to make more fast food places. One of them was a Taco Bell, so here you are! All decals are found by looking up "Taco Bell" in the decal library. Value: 38k ANNOUNCEMENT: Thank you all for 5k subscribers!! As something I kind of want to try out, I now have a Discord server! I actually have no idea how it works so I had someone else set it up for me (thanks Lee). I don't know if anyone will join it (you by all means do not have to) and I honestly don't think anyone will, but if you do decide you want to everyone is welcome :) If you do join, it's just a way you can talk to me and other subscribers about whatever it is you wanna talk about! It might be totally lame but I guess it's worth a shot lol. And I can't promise I will be active 100% of the time but I will try my best! Here's the link to join: - Did you remake one of my builds, take inspiration, or just want to show your support? Put this decal in your build somewhere :) - ROBLOX: Twitter: -- Intro by: Tetrix Intro Maker or Intetrix on Roblox