Ride Sandy Mechanical Horse 1950'S Restored In South Africa

Published on Jan. 6, 2014
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

This 1954 vintage Ride Sandy mechanical horse was found and bought by my husband, Harry, in Gauteng. The horse was in poor state and he restored it to how it is running now. Sandy must have a lot of stories to tell about her journey in South Africa, the kids that rode her (since she arrived here) through the ages and how she landed up with her tail and two of her legs broken off, lying beside her. Well she is a beauty now and running again. Her legs and tail were welded back on by a professional aluminium welder, she was sanded and stripped down to her original aluminium casted state, then primered and spray painted. Harry airbrushed her new look with great care and Gerhard and his son Des Seventer custom designed and made her new leather western saddle for her with great care end expertise. I have fond memories of riding similar vintage horses in the sixties, outside a corner cafe in Benoni, with my imagination running wild. I am sure that a lot of South Africans, growing up in that time frame, will remember with a sence of sadness when these ponies left their lives for good. Harry's restoration of Sandy was done with great care and determination to turn her into a beauty once again.