Resurrection Benediction - Freechurch Easter 2015

Published on April 6, 2015
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Resurrection Benediction Easter Sunday April 5, 2015 FreeChurch Toronto Recorded by Nik Trutiak Guitar: Tyrone Warner Lyrics: After forty days of preparation It's time for celebration! For more importantly, Christ exorbitantly paid the reparations, Erased the separation of heaven and Creation. Thanks to our living King, Jesus, We know the thing we feared fiercest Has morphed from normality, to mere formality. And so we sing, "Mortality, Where's your sting? You stressed you were so adept and deft, But guess who's left bereft of breath with nothing left? Death! You're knocked onto your keister meister, Rocked at Easter Mocked cuz you're the least of worries. Beast hurry, scurry to the sidelines." Surely, since the Saviour died I'm Convinced that neither height nor depth Width or breadth Can keep his kids from his mighty grip Our steps are kept in hand, His grand plans span from Creation's devastation to Revelation's elevation, From the eruption of corruption To the interruption of the Son's salvation. See, since the inception of Sin's infection There was no correction to its unnatural selection No detection of perfection in Satan's section And despite the light, no defections. But Christ's life sufficed as the reconnection. As he died it supplied death's dissection. The insanity of the cross was an intersection Of humanity's calamity with The Boss's call for redirection. At the Fall we dropped the ball, but Jesus with the Interception! Is it? How Exquisite! And with it, the Spirit's visit a vivid vivisection. So now in recollection, your Election beckons. Today's the day to reckon, Will you accept Him? It's the Reception of the Resurrection. © Cyril Guerette 2015.