Rent My Vacation Home New Driving Directions And Travel Specialists From Rand Mcnally

Published on June 27, 2012
Channel: Jackie Kralin
Category: Travel & Events
Source: Youtube

Rent My Vacation Home dot com is now linked to Rand McNally. Vacationers can now go to one web site to find a vacation home along with directions and tips on saving gas. The one feature included for free is Tripology this connects online travelers with offline travel specialists. Rent My Vacation Home now offers Driving Directions and travel specialists from Rand McNally Rent My Vacation Home dot com and Rand McNally are supplying vacationers with the best route and gas saving tips. This feature also includes Restaurants, ATM machine locations and park location to name a few. Vacationers can even use Tripology to get matched with travel professional free. Rand McNally specializes in maps, navigation, road travel, and trip planning. Founded in 1856, the company provides products and services for consumers, #1 Road Atlas, as well as an online travel information website. Rent My Vacation Home dot com goes back to 1984 when they were based mainly in Myrtle Beach South Carolina but are now nationwide. Vacationers can now go to Rent My Vacation Home dot com and Book a house, get airfare, rent a car and get directions. The directions include not only left and right hand turns but restaurants ATM and more. Tripology is a free online travel referral service connecting online travelers with offline travel specialists. Using proprietary technology to match travel professionals with consumer requests, the company has received and processed more than 200,000 trip requests since Tripology was launched. About Rent My Vacation Home dot com Leading the Vacation travel industry with 83 offices and sites Full service planning for vacationers offering 70,000 vacation homes for rent Providing air travel, rental car, trip planning and vacation homes Vacationers free to use the site year around Homeowners free for 30 days than 16.00 per month cancel anytime.