Removing Logos From Clothing For Photography Portfolio

Published on July 8, 2015
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Question of the Day: When should you remove logos from people’s clothing when taking photos of your portfolio? In TV and movies, the studio has to get a license to feature a brand (aka trademark) on a product or someone’s clothing. That’s why on certain reality shows, the logos on a person’s shirt will be blurred. When it comes to your photography portfolio, you would have to examine whether you’re creating a fake ad for a product or otherwise giving the impression that you are promotion the product or acting with that company’s permission. If you keep the logo, you may want to include some type of disclaimer that you and your work are not affiliated with the company to avoid any confusion. Ruth Carter is an attorney at Venjuris Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona where she focuses on business law, intellectual property, social media law, and flash mob law. She is also a professional speaker, blogger, and author through Carter Law Firm. If you have questions or want to chat, you can see all the ways to contact and connect Ruth Carter here: Disclaimer: This video does not constitute legal advice. Watching this video does not create an attorney-client relationship with any viewer. If you need personalized legal advice, hire an attorney.