Red Rising Trilogy Trailer - School Project

Published on Jan. 11, 2015
Channel: Faye Pellerin
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

My trailer for the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown. I know some of it isn't all accurate or whatever, like that Eo wasn't a mother or Apollo wasn't that old, e.t.c. This is for a school project. I take no credit for any clips used in the video or the music, all of the rights go to the owner. SONG: Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde CAST: Darrow - Jake Abel (Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief) Rosamund Pike - Mustang/Virginia au Augustus (Centurion, Wrath of the Titans) Michael Fassbender - Pax au Telemanus (Centurion) Paul Freeman - Apollo (Centurion) Bill Nighy - Nero au Augustus (Centurion) Movies used: Centurion Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Wrath of the Titans