Rcc Picnic Modesto 09-30-17 Feat. Travis Allen For Governor Ca

Published on Oct. 12, 2017
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

This event took place at the Fruityard in Modesto, CA on 09-30-17. Travis Allen is running for Governor and is the keynote speaker at the end, starting at 46 minutes in. Shannon Sanford and Don Davis running for Superintendent of Schools for Stanislaus, Scott Kuykendall from Stanislaus County Office of Ed technical education running for Superintendent, Jeff Durski for Stanislaus Sheriff, Terry Withrow for Board of County Supervisors re-election, John Mayne for District Attorney of the 2018 election then Birgit Fladager running for re-election of the same position, spoke with Kevin Fox as the host (radio talk-show host). The Republican Central Committee (RCC) hosted this meeting.