Quad4A - Kmart'S Ufo Explorer With Camera Fitted Outside

Published on Oct. 23, 2014
Channel: The Wizard
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

A test flight of Kmart's $49.00 UFO Explorer Quadcopter fitted with a Wing Cam from Hobby King. This time we try it outside in a bit of swirly wind. \\To mount the camera: Unplug the battery and remove it. Find a rubber band about the size of the battery, not too big. Pull it through the battery slot and hold the end with two fingers inside it. Spread those fingers so that it touches the sides of the battery holder. Put another finger in the other end of the loop. Slide in the battery with your other hand. The rubber band will clear both sides of the battery. Pull both ends of the rubber band over the holder ends. Cut a piece of 10mm white packing foam a bit bigger than the battery and camera. Slice the foam to make a wedge shape to make the camera sit on an angle. Slip the foam inbetween both loops of the rubber band. Now slide the camera inbetween both loops of the rubber band. If the angle is not enogh cut a small strip of foam and side it under the foam at the front. Check that the lense clears the ground. Switch on record and enjoy!