Qatar Airways Fights Tsa Electronics Ban By Providing Laptops To Passengers

Published on April 4, 2017
Channel: Maxojir
Category: News & Politics
Source: Youtube

So, the TSA electronics ban is in full effect . . . but Qatar Airways comes to the resuce! You can't bring your own laptop onto returning flights, but Qatar Airways has gone around this new inconvenience for you, they'll simply provide you with a laptop on the flight if you ask for one :) The airline has purchased countless laptops and is stocking their flights with them for use by any passengers who may request one. And going this far for customer satisfaction comes in the wake of an already enormous step on their part with the development of the Q-suite arrangement for their business class. Qatar is seeking to outdo Emirates and Etihad in terms of luxury and customer provisions . . . and I'm pretty confident that at this rate they'll succeed soon enough. If I can make it to Fifa 2022 , I'll definitely choose Qatar for my flight ;) --------------------------------------------------------- Q-suite footage filmed by Qatar Airways for demonstration of features. --------------------------------------------------------- Song Used : "Miles Above You" by Jesse Warren