Preschool Fine Motor Activities:: Color Matching Lesson

Published on June 21, 2014
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

The following lesson is designed to aid preschool age children with their fine motor skills using clothespins while also serving as a color match. I used the cans for the purpose of self-containing the lesson (Montessori style) so that my two-year old class could have the chance to choose what they work on and take it from the shelf without it being difficult to carry. You could do many variations on this lesson. I did have to modify it myself as it turned out the clothespins were too difficult for my students aside from the oldest twos. I switched out the clothespins for squares of paper with the colored dots that I had laminated and attached with velcro. Velcro still works their little muscles and so it maintained the two fold purpose of the lesson. These containers can also be used to correspond with monthly themes. In the past I have made matching cards using stickers with velcro backs that the children use to match (insects, ocean life, dinosaurs) while placing the cards inside the can for easy storage afterwards. Fine motor skills activities work on developing the coordination and strength of the small muscles in the fingers and hand which are required for such activities as cutting, writing, buttoning, and eating with a fork or spoon. As a two-year-old preschool teacher, I have been exploring ways to provide fine motor activities that are safe and developmentally appropriate for my classroom. This video and others in the "Preschool Fine Motor Activities" series are meant to provide other preschool teachers, parents, or babysitters with activities to do with their child or children that has intention and is fun. All of the lessons we post for children can be easily modified for age or skill. Please ask or share how you did! LIKE! SHARE! SUBSCRIBE :)