Prehistoric Predators Hit Ashland

Published on March 14, 2014
Channel: Ktvl News10
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By Molly Trotter/KTVL.COMASHLAND, Ore. -- Science Works Hands-on Museum looks like a scene from the movie Jurassic Park. New interactive robotic technology is bring the past to life at a new exhibit.They are programmed to be responsive in a variety of ways either through a game or through through your motion in front of them, said Summer Brandon, the Education Manager at Science Works.Three different dinosaurs come to life, a T-Rex and two raptors. Brandon with science works says the new exhibit is providing learning tools to more than just kids.We are also learning about life of the past and how we know about life of the past. how we know things we weren't around to see and what kind of evidence scientists are looking for and learning from and finding new evidence for, she said.The motion detection technology enables these dinosaurs to move with you guests at Science works a life-like feel and educating the community on the new technology.We have a themed weekend in march called rawr-botics which will explore the robotics and programming behind creations like this, Brandon said.Prehistoric Predators is a part of a rental traveling exhibits around the country and will only be in the rogue valley until May.For more information, visit